HALO INFINITE Introduces Free 30-Tier Battle Pass

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343 Industries has been releasing some amazing Halo Infinite updates that will be in store for us in the Winter Update when it goes live on November 8th. With the inclusion of a co-op campaign, mission replay, match XP, and Forge Beta, there is a ton to unpack. However, it seems like the gifts don’t end there since 343 just announced a free 30-tier Battle Pass to launch alongside the Winter Update.

A free 30-tier Battle Pass will be accessible to every gamer. The trailer revealed the different unlocks that we can expect from this free pass. All of the cosmetics are Reach-inspired armor pieces, including the fan-favorite CQB helmet. Also, all players will have access to the Mark V armor as an immediate unlock. The full Battle Pass is dissected in the video and revealed all of the free unlocks that will be forever attainable, ending on a high note with the Mark V helmet as the final unlock. Check out the video below.

Halo Infinite has been met with a mixed bag of reception. Although the gameplay feels smooth and tighter than it has (arguably) ever been, it was littered with a lack of features that have been a staple for the franchise’s long history. The unconventional XP grind to unlock current Battle Pass items was largely criticized and for good reason. Thankfully, 343 is listening and this giant Winter Update proves just that.

It is also good to point out that not only will match XP be present in the newest update, but it will also count for all earlier Battle Passes before it. One widely appreciated aspect of the Halo Infinite live service is the fact that the Battle Pass never expires. You can always go back and unlock the rewards to Battle Passes that you bought in the past. It will be fascinating to see how much this enhances the ability to unlock multiple tiers of the Battle Passes when this update goes live.

Halo Infinite’s Winter Update will be available to download for free on Xbox consoles and PC via Steam and Microsoft Store on November 8th.

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