Halo Infinite: ‘Streets’ Multiplayer Map Unveiled

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Halo Infinite

IGN has exclusive game coverage of Master Chief’s spiritual reboot and they revealed a new map from the game, Streets is a small, asymmetrical battleground set in New Mombasa at night. This instantly sets it apart from the other Halo Infinite multiplayer maps. It’s got many subtle artistic touches, such as the “Holodog” advertisement, the retro-style Halo Infinite arcade cabinet that plays a MIDI version of the Halo theme, the skyline you can see in the background from certain high vantage points on the map, and the glass railings that you can just break right through. It’s a fast map with limited sightlines. It looks great for a fast match. Check out the screenshots below:

Halo Infinite will be released on December 8.

Source: IGN

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