Halo Infinite’s Battle Royale Spartan Standing Mode Unveiled

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Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite’s great Season 2: Lone Wolves update coming out on May 3, developer 343 Industries has now delivered a rundown of some of the new and the modes which are making a comeback. This includes the battle royale-like Last Spartan Standing mode and it is all about the last man standing.

In Last Spartan Standing, the sole objective is to endure until the end. 12 players spawn onto Big Team Battle maps with a “confined” loadout and 5 respawns. Run out of lives and it’s all over, though players can still watch or quit without being punished.

Multiplayer designer Zach Boyce said in a blog post that an early version of Last Spartan Standing did not come with set loadouts, which led people to camp and hide, banking their respawns and power weapons. “It was boring. It wasn’t going to work,” Boyce said.

In a Gun Game-style twist, players can upgrade to a separate weapon with each kill. This should feel familiar to those who know Halo’s Escalation Slayer, which is basically Gun Game.

Last Spartan Standing matches end when only one Spartan stays alive, so this is definitely a battle royale-like mode, even if 343 did not use that vocabulary. 343 might be looking to do even more in this area, as co-developer Certain Affinity is said to be working on a PvE/PvP mode codenamed Tatanka, which could have some battle royale features as well.

Last Spartan Standing will be available in Halo Infinite when Lone Wolves comes out on May 3.

Also coming on May 3 with the start of Lone Wolves is King of the Hill, a fan-favorite and familiar mode that comes back to Halo Infinite with a twist. Each hill now features a “control meter,” and hills now only move when a team fills the whole meter, thus “winning” the hill. Additionally, the first hill is always found in the same place, but each hill is set to a random location.

Another mode coming to Halo Infinite in Season 2 is Land Grab, which features three neutral zones that players must capture to win. Other modes on the way for Season 2 include Ninja Slayer (players get infinite ammo Energy Swords and Grappleshot loadouts), Vampireball (Skull-carrier is no longer nerfed), and Rocket Repulsors (infinite ammo Rocket Launchers and Repulsor loadouts).

If you want to know more about the Halo Infinite Season 2: Lone Wolves, check out 343’s full blog post.

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