Halo Wars 2 Character Art Released

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Halo Wars 2

343 Industries have partnered with three famed artists to capture the memorable characters of Halo Wars 2.

“I’m elated to contribute my visions to the Halo Wars 2 universe,” Craig Drake told us. “It was an honor to depict Decimus’ crushing brute power as well as Isabel’s intelligence and beauty.”

Craig Drake, who began his career in animation and freelance design, channels classic movie posters and modern pop-culture to bring his art deco inspired visions to life. You can see Craig’s use of sleek, sharp lines in his work for Pulp Fiction, Mad Max, Back to the Future, and most recently Disney’s Mulan.

Halo Wars 2

Halo Wars 2, the sequel to the best-selling console real-time strategy game of all time,  is an action-packed RTS on the biggest Halo battlefield ever. Get ready to lead armies of Spartans and other Halo fighting forces like Warthogs, Scorpions, and exciting new units in a brutal war against a terrifying new enemy, The Banished.

New enemy threatens the Halo universe and the only thing standing between Armageddon and humanity is the brave crew on board the Spirit of Fire. Halo Wars 2 returns fans worldwide to the role of commander throughout an incredible campaign featuring the biggest battles in Halo history. In addition to the epic campaign, Halo Wars 2 comes packed with competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes built specifically for a wide range of new and veteran gamers.

Halo Wars 2 will hit stores on February 21.


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