Halo’s Legendary Map, Reborn In Counter-Strike

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Counter-Strike player Itszu created this infamous site of many a brutal fight, tested friendship, and timeless rivalry—most of them in the classic Rooster Teeth series Red vs Blue. I have some fond memories of playing this map countless times in Halo with my mates. Fire fight was brutal and every man is for himself.

Itszu explained how they pulled it off:

“All level geometry is hand-done, including brushwork and displacements. Textures have been modified as needed to support Source’s unique texture parameters. All scenery (rocks, trees) ported with Wall Worm Model Tools from Gearbox’s level assets for Halo: Custom Edition, with hand-done custom collisions to conform to Source’s convex requirements. Some textures are heavily modified from the original, and others are entirely new due to differences in texture tech between halo’s Blam engine and Source 2013.”

Halo's Legendary Map

Halo's Legendary Map

You can download the map on CSGO’s Steam Workshop.


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