Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Tray

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Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Tray

An ice or mold tray that features Han Solo frozen in Carbonite! Mold your ice or your jello or your chocolate treats in the shape of Jabba?s prize! Serve up the galaxy? most lovable rogue for your family, with 7 molds in one tray! ?I love this!? ? ?I know.? Scruffy-Looking Nerf Herders Never Looked So Good! Well, Lando Calrissian betrayed you all… who saw that coming? And with the bounty on Han Solo?s head being so high, it looks like the good captain is being put into carbon freeze for destinations horrifying. But it?s like C-3PO says, he should be quite safe in there on his way to Jabba the Hutt. But in the hands of the notorious Boba Fett, who can say? Now you can get your own bit of Captain Solo with the Han Solo in Carbonite Silicone Tray! This tray is shaped to freeze or mold all of your tasty treats to look just like the galaxy?s most lovable rogue. When this scoundrel is served in a delicious beverage or as a chocolaty snack for dessert, you have a meal that is sure to be awesome! Who Knew Carbon Freeze Could Be So Tasty? Now if you?ll indulge us, we?ll tell you that the odds are in your favor.

Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Tray


Now you can serve the entire family! The Han Solo in Carbonite Silicone Tray includes 6 slots for small Han Solo treats, and one bigger slot for a bigger bit of the action! This tray recreates the famous scene from the Empire Strikes Back, when Vader has Han placed inside the carbon freeze and gives his frozen body to Boba Fett for him to take to Jabba the Hutt. It was a dark time for the rebellion, and now the Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Silicone Tray can be yours for your snacktime!

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