This Is What Happens When GoPro Camera Attached To Your Car Tire

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Stunning Video Shot with GoPro Camera on Car Tire

GoPro cameras are small, tough and fairly inconspicuous. Filmmakers and action sports enthusiasts regularly strap them to drones,helmets and surfboards. Today someone attached a GopPro to a car tire and showed you the world from the tire’s perspective. This might disorient you for a while.

Ryan Fox, a Vimeo user from Milwaukee, Wisconsin attached his GoPro with duct tape before cruising around the city late at night. The camera maintains its position in the center of the frame, but the revolutions of the wheel warps the neighborhoods into a kaleidoscope of bright colors and neon lights.

Sketch Three: Avant-Garde (R.P.M. 2) from Ryan Fox on Vimeo.

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