Hardware Hack, 128GB Floppy Disk

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Hardware Hack 128GB Floppy Disk

Once upon a time capacity of a 5.25″ floppy disk in just a few seconds. Bumping a 3.5″ floppy to a whopping 128GB requires a bit more effort, but the end result will shock anyone.

YouTuber Dr. Moddnstine decided that it was high time to update his stately IBM Aptiva from the mid-90s. He picked up one of ASUS’ Maximus VIII mainboards, a Core i7 processor and a Corsair water cooler, 16GB of RAM, and a Radeon R9 390 to handle the graphical workload.

Hardware Hack 128GB Floppy Disk

That’s a massive leap from the 486 DX/2 hardware the Aptiva shipped with, though you’d never guess anything had changed from a casual glance. It still looks just like it did when it was purchased in 1995, but there are a few surprises hiding behind its vertical sliding door.

You can see the clever placement of the front audio jacks and USB port — they’ve been hacked into the optical drive’s bezel. The floppy drive upgrade is a bit more stealthy.

Hardware Hack 128GB Floppy Disk

During the build, Dr. Moddinstone noticed that the notches on an old floppy ribbon cable lined up precisely with an SD card. He pared down the cable so that it had only the wires he needed and bent the contacts slightly. Then, he cracked open a USB SD card reader and soldered the necessary connections. Despite all the tinkering, everything fits neatly behind the factory bottom cover.

Hardware Hack 128GB Floppy Disk

Make a few adjustments to a floppy disk like the one at the top, and you can then slide an SD card behind the shutter. Pop it in to the Aptiva’s modded drive and it makes contact, the LED lights up, and the system now has access to 128GB of expanded storage hiding in a humble 1.44MB package.


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