Hasbro Is Launching the Awesome Range of POWER RANGERS Lightning Figures as Comic-Con

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POWER RANGERS Lightning Figures as Comic-Con

Jason Lee Scott has always been my the most awesome Power Ranger. He was the greatest Red Ranger, and then I have swept away when he turned to be the Gold Ranger.

Well, Hasbro has really done it as they’re releasing an exclusive two figure collection at San Diego Comic-Con. The collection includes two Lightning Collection figures, one of Jason as the Red Ranger with the Dragon Shield and the other of Jason as the Gold Ranger.

In the package alongside figures are two Golden Power Staffs (depending on the configuration you want), a blade blaster in blaster mode and one in blade mode, the Dragon Dagger, and the Power Blaster which can be dismantled into the Power Sword, Power Bow, Power Daggers, Power Staff, and Power Axe.

The only thing that I wish was different is that it looks like the armbands from the Dragon Shield don’t remove, and I also question if the shield itself is detachable. If they can’t be removed, but considering that I’d probably keep them on anyway, it won’t be a tremendous deal.

This figure collection will be available for $50 at Comic-Con with very limited numbers being available through Hasbro Pulse after the convention.

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