Hasbro’s Unicron SDCC Transformer Toy is Super Cool

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Hasbro’s Unicron SDCC Transformer Toy

Unicron Transformer can disguise himself as an evil moon. In the underrated animated movie, he was voiced by Orson Welles, the last role from the icon whose Hollywood history was also as huge as a planet. He’s a toy that eats other toys for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Unicron is rising again.


HASLAB is Hasbro’s personal toy crowdfunding program. It allows fans to pledge for pricey “dream products” that might not otherwise have a successful enough market to existing. For example, right now you can back and crowdfund a huge Star Wars set based on Jabba’s sail barge in Return of The Jedi.

And this new War For Cybertron Unicron toy is getting the same crowdfunding approach. The large Transformer toy towers over regular robots, including former biggest boy Fortress Maximus. It’s over two feet tall in toothy humanoid mode, with 50 points of articulation including movable eyes, and it turns into a mechanical planet with a 30-inch diameter. There’s a stand to keep this huge figure from toppling under its own weight.

If you want this Unicron toy if at least 8,000 backers pledge by midnight on August 31. If that miracle happened, expect the $575 toy to ship in early 2021.

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