If You Hate High Beamers Than You Should Have These Reflective Ghost Decals

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Ghost Decals

I hate people who come up behind me in full high beam, I don’t know what they are trying to see on the road, You are not on a HUNT man, Lower your F****** BEAMS! Now Chinese think they’ve found an ingenious way of deterring people from driving with their high beam headlights on behind them.

They’re buying these creepy reflective decals for their rear windows, that illuminate when a car behind has its high beam on.

The stickers are not very noticeable in the dark and only light up when a bright light is shone on them.

You can buy the decals, they go for roughly between $3 and $18 on sites like Taobao.

Ghost Decals

Ghost Decals

Ghost Decals Ghost Decals


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