Hawaii’s Emergency Warning System Menu is a UX Nightmare

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Hawaii’s Emergency Warning System

On Saturday, January 13th, an employee of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency accidentally pressed the wrong button well it was more like a link the stupid system never been updated and all system works with links, not like something you see in a fancy sci-fi movie, so this is the reality of super future life in the year 2018 the year of Blade Runner, Anyways, the link disaster sent out a state-wide alert that warned a ballistic missile thread was inbound to Hawaii and to seek immediate shelter.

That’s how the message looks like:

the menu for hawaiis emergency warning system is a ux nightmare 2 The Menu for Hawaiis Emergency Warning System is a UX Nightmare

For 38 minutes, panicked and confused citizens and tourists scrambled for safety as mass-confusion and understandable hysteria swept the islands. Follow-Up messages of a false alarm were finally sent, and panic was over.

After days of investigation, a screenshot of the Emergency Warning System emerged, and the design is a UX nightmare. For those curious, the operator clicked the ‘PACOM (CDW) STATE ONLY’ link. The ‘DRILL – PACOM (CDW) – STATE ONLY’ link is the one that was supposed to be clicked.

To rectify the issue and prevent future accidental warnings, the agency added a ‘BMD False Alarm’ text link at the very top which can be pressed in case of an accident, wow that will solve everything!


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