Heatbuff Keyboard Heater Warms Your Fingers As You Use

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Keyboard Heater

It is specifically designed to increase your performance and comfort whilst on a PC the finger heater uses harmless infrared no-burn technology to make sure your keyboard remains unaffected and keep your fingers warm when you work or play on your computer in the winter.

Check out the promotional video below to learn more about the Envavo Heatbuff keyboard heater which is now available to back via Kickstarter, they will start shipping during December 2017.

“Adrenaline speeds up your heart rate and draws blood towards the areas of your body that would need it most if you were face to face with danger. One of the places it draws blood away from is your hand, and without as much blood moving through your hands, your hands come colder.” –

ver the last year we’ve done a lot of research and spoken to a lot of experienced people in their line of work. We have also contacted a lot of previous project owners on Kickstarter, both succesfully and unsuccesfully funded projects. We have done these things in order to give ourselves the best possible campaign and grounds for succes. In our minds, there is no doubt we will be able to deliver on everything we have promised in our campaign here on Kickstarter. We have budgeted the project, so we have enough capital if obstacles should occur.


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