Heimplanet Mavericks Inflatable Tent Can Handle High Winds

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Heimplanet Mavericks Inflatable Tent

Well it look’s like something from a sci-fi movie, they are very cool and rugged looking tents which they actually are and plus they are incredibly practical, They are ideal for camping on open grounds or on in snowy tandra.

Originally designed to be used at the Red Bull Storm Chase in Ireland, this blow-up shelter has been rated to withstand winds that blow at a whopping 112 mph.  To the unfamiliar, the Red Bull Storm Chase is a windsurfing competition that seeks out rough, raging storms around the world to use as its stage.  Yep, this isn’t just inflatable, it’s durable enough to shelter you during violent storms, too.

Heimplanet Mavericks Inflatable Tent

The Heimplanet Mavericks is a 10-person tent that uses a reinforced version of the brand’s inflatable diamond grid design.  The structure, which uses double-walled air beams similar to tubed bicycle tires, is intended to spread stress over a large surface, enabling the tent to maintain its sturdy form even through rough winds.  It uses 10 separate air chambers, so even if one part of the structure gets punctured, the rest of the tent will still hold intact.

Heimplanet Mavericks Inflatable Tent Heimplanet Mavericks Inflatable Tent

Because of the lack of assembly needed, a single person can set up the tent in ten minutes, with most of the work involving hitting the pumps to feed air into the individual chambers.  The tent skin will automatically go up as the frames fill up with air.  To pack up, simply deflate the tent, throw it in the back of the truck, and hit the road.

Available now, the Heimplanet Mavericks retails for €4,999.

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