Hell FPS SCATHE Trailer and Release Date Revealed

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Scathe is a new FPS inspired by the fast-paced classics of the genre, with bullet hell-inspired dodging thrown in to dodge the attacks of your demon foes. The aim of the game is to gather three Hellstones and navigate your way to the middle of a maze. There are numerous paths to pick from to get there, and along the way, you’ll be gathering runes to help you progress.

Scathe features a huge selection of weaponry, such as something called a Hot Hatch that sprays fire, and a Bow Blade that launches buzz saws, which is sure to maximize the spillage of blood and guts from your hellspawn foes!

Scathe also features a cross-platform online co-op mode for up to three players, who can drop in and out as they please. You will all share the same amount of lives, presumably to prevent the game from becoming a cakewalk with the added manpower.

Scathe is published by Kwalee and will be coming out on PC on August 31st via Steam, but you can already download a free demo to try it out. Console versions will follow in early 2023. The newly created team behind the game, Damage State, is composed of developers with AAA experience, so expect smooth presentation and style from this one.

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