HELLO NEIGHBOR 2 Announcement Trailer

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Hello Neighbor franchise that doesn’t seem to slow down, Hello Neighbor is getting a new game and this time around it is an official sequel to the original game that got famous it to be a series! Hello Neighbor 2 is being developed by Eerie Guest in cooperation with tinyBuild and isn’t set to release until 2021 on PC via Steam and Xbox Series X, but there is an alpha version of the game which is available right now for those who want to jump into the next game of this stealth-horror game.

In this new game, you will be playing as a local journalist named Quinten who is trying to find out about a series of missing person reports. After following a series of hints that led you back to the old deserted house where the neighbor, I mean Mr. Petterson, used to live, you find that it is being occupied by a mysterious, crow-like being. There’s only one way to get to the root of everything and find the truth; you have to break in!

Turns out that Hello Neighbor 2 has been in development before the multiplayer spin-off game Secret Neighbor and the new story goes into the bigger Hello Neighbor universe. We know of the original story, we got to know way back story from Hide and Seek, but now it is time we look into where this game story is going.


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