Henry Cavill Building a PC With a Very Seductive Background Music

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Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill is the gift to this sad world. The Witcher and Superman megastar, when he’s not busy killing monsters and glaring at Lex Luthor, likes to keep himself busy with a bit of gaming, and today he’s been showing off his new gaming PC on Instagram.

It’s also very good to see him making mistakes just like all us mortals, work into the night, and get that blank stare as he reads instruction manuals. None of that witcher practice can prepare you for a mission like this. It can be a complex process, which is why he took a break for a wee while to do some gaming before going back to his rig.

As a shameless lover of gaudy LED lighting, I very much support the finished product. Let’s face it, though, watching Henry Cavill build anything in a tank top, even the cheapest PC in the world would be a useful way to spend some time.


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