Here is a Gem For Halloween, THE MORTUARY ASSISTANT Releases Free Demo

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Developer Darkstone Digital is an incredible indie developer that is known for making little games that take players and put them into nerve-wracking conditions. The new game they are releasing is The Mortuary Assistant, and you can try a free demo on Steam!

After completing your degree in mortuary sciences, you have taken on a job at River Fields Mortuary. Over your time at River Fields, you have heard rumors of families taking their deceased loved ones believed to be possessed or otherwise involved with the paranormal to this specific mortuary to put to rest. One night, you are called into work to check and work on some embalmings, but there is something strange about these bodies… something strange about you…

The Mortuary Assistant is going to be out in Spring 2022, So are you excited for the game and take the role of a mortuary assistant?

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