Here is How You Can Make Your Players 99 Rating in FIFA 18

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A cheat called ’99OVR’ can make your every single player in your team a 99 rating in every skill – and it could ruin FIFA 18.

The hack is available for the PC version of the game, where access to the game’s code is easier than on consoles.

This actually means that the bronze or silver players can be way better than 94-rated Cristiano Ronaldo and 93-rated Lionel Messi.


But it is damaging to Ultimate Team as it results in a 10K squad being better than a five million FUT-coin team.

Now for the worse part about this– it’s very hard to tell if anyone is using the cheat until it’s too late in the game.

One person wrote on the FIFA Forum: “I just played someone with all players in the range of 95-99.

“I was wondering why his NIF Kévin Gameiro was outrunning Kalidou Koulibaly and Antonio Rüdiger so easily. I found the answer… Lost in overtime.”

Another said: “With this trainer, there is no incentive to play this game and no reason to work hard to hunt good players.

“If EA wants this game to survive they will have to do much more, not just ban on the player, but finding a way to disable this cheat, recognize who’s using it instantly and ban them.”

The 99OVR cheat is just on the PC version of the game for now– but it could only be a matter of time before a similar hack or cheat makes it way on to the console gaming, where it gets even worse.

Sadly, while it was likely to take screenshots of the 99-rated players post-match, a recent patch appears to have removed this as well.

One fan on the FIFA Reddit wrote: “As of the latest patch, you can no longer see on the performance tab if someone has 99-rated players and thus you cannot report it with solid proof.

“It’s also pretty hard to spot the cheaters when they don’t boost pace and only boost other stats such as dribbling and physical.

“As people can cheat pretty much undetected right now FUT Champs and FUT in general on PC has no future unless EA decides to do something about it.

“Average gold teams in FUT Champs are the worst because they are the most likely to be cheating from my experience.”

It’s common knowledge that EA is aware of this situation and taking necessary steps to destroy the cheat but it is a long process and hoping the help comes in time to save the game.

Reddit users have found that when you match against a player and their team comes up on the screen, a disconnect happens.

EA now stores player stats server-side, so every one of those disconnects could be a cheater using 99OVR.

It took nearly the entire of FIFA 17’s game life for EA to find a solution for the cheat. By that time, many normal players had left the PC version of the game.

Given that there are forums dedicated to finding out ways to hack the game and ruin the gaming experience for everyone.


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