Here’s How The Video Gaming Industry is Changing

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Video games have been popular for decades, entertaining adults and kids alike. They’ve evolved considerably from the early days of low-quality computer games and the earliest versions of Atari and Nintendo. The days of limited sounds and pixelated screens are a thing of the past as nearly all video games are becoming more lifelike.

Today, video gaming is more than just a booming entertainment industry – video games are now reshaping the way people interact with the world. It is beyond any reasonable doubt that the gaming industry is inspiring innovations by continuously pushing the boundaries of what game developers see possible. This industry is driving giant tech corporations like Microsoft and Google to roll out new technologies to serve the ever-increasing gamers globally.

Just like the video editing and production industry is booming with new tools like Spiel, the video gaming industry is experiencing exponential growth. So, what’s driving this growth? What are the top technologies transforming the gaming industry, and what does this mean for the industry’s future? Here are the top trends that are transforming the video gaming industry and what they mean for the future of video gaming.


Better business models

Generally, the implementation of games digitally and more efficient content distribution online platforms are eliminating the need for physical sales. The benefit of such a business model is that gamers can easily access their preferred gaming content right from the comfort of their homes. Digital games have created an increased demand for hardware and faster internet speeds. This is driving the rise of the 5G network and other gaming essentials.

The changing business models and distribution channels for video games are driving growth not just in the video gaming industry but also in other technical aspects. The need for faster connections and better gaming hardware have fueled growth in these industries, which, in turn, leads to more innovations in the gaming industry.


The explosive growth in the use of mobile devices

The availability of mobile devices compatible with a broad range of video games is also driving growth in the gaming industry. In recent years, mobile gaming has witnessed increased popularity due to advancements in mobile tech. These advancements could include high-end hardware that supports high-end graphical capabilities, online streaming, and more.

Having a high-end mobile device means you can stream 4K games on your smartphone, iPad, tablet, or any other mobile device that supports such. As tech giants like Samsung, Apple, Nokia, and other mobile companies continue to roll out high-end handheld devices, mobile gaming is likely to experience and increased growth in the next decade.

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Creativity when it comes to the creation of video games

The last decade has seen tremendous creativity in video game designs. Two noteworthy examples of highly engaging video games are Epic Games’ Fortnite and Overwatch from Activision Blizzard. These two video games introduced a somewhat unique twist on the first-person shooter game genre. Keep in mind that this Jonah has historically been dominated by themes related to the military.

Most importantly, Tencent (the creator of the two games) has done one important thing to bring female gamers to the exciting hurricane shooter genre compared to other video games in recent years. These two video games are just an example of how creativity is driving the gaming industry today.

The experts firmly believe that this trend of highly engaged in video games will continue many years in the future. So, high levels of engagement are not just about Overwatch but a hint of what’s likely to happen in the future.

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Better graphics

The increased creativity in video gaming is driven by the top graphics card makers, such as Advanced Micro Devices and NVIDIA. Video games are getting more immersive and cinematic, thanks to the ongoing inventions and advancements in graphics technology being made by these tech giants. Just to mention some of the exciting advancements that NVIDIA has made, its latest RTX graphics card is taking any game realism to a totally new level.

According to experts in gaming technology, video gamers are increasingly and engaging in social media gameplay, and this is rapidly becoming a spectator sport. Indeed, it is a trend that is driving the production of high-end video games. As long as graphics card manufacturers continue to roll out high-end graphics cards, video game developers are likely to take their skills and gaming possibilities to a higher level.

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Video game streaming

Today, millions of internet users visit Alphabets YouTube and Amazon’s Twitch monthly to watch e-sport events or their favorite play different sports. The reality is that game streaming has played a key role in marketing trending titles to new sports fans. It is this dynamic that caused Fortnite (a game) to go viral within a very short time in 2018.

A recent survey revealed that more people are watching gaming content compared to their combined viewership of ESPN, Hulu, HBO, and Netflix. The ability to stream gaming content using mobile devices has facilitated considerable growth in the video gaming industry.

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The rise of social

Generally, social media has played a key role in reducing the gap between gaming and social experiences, particularly in the case of mobile gaming. Most gamers want to share live gaming events and create meaningful social gaming experiences with each other. Just think about it; you can easily connect with someone you never met and share exciting gaming experiences.

The integration of social networks in various video games has facilitated the creation of better gaming experiences. Besides, most video gamers share their experiences, and this has increased the popularity of game content.



The video game industry is all about better user experiences and innovation. New controls, new tech, and exciting gaming experiences are to be expected in the future. As an increasing number of gamers continue to use mobile devices and streaming services, the growths in the video gaming industry indefinite. What are your views on the growing gaming industry? Share your views in the comments section.



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