Here’s How To Get The Unique Vehicles of Watch Dogs 2

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That’s how you can get the unique vehicles in Watch Dogs 2. They can be collected at any point in the game, but a couple of them need some basic hacks which are available from the get go.

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As soon as you get in one of these vehicles, it saves to your “Car on Demand” app and you can have them delivered for free at any time. Getting in your first unique car will reward you with the “A Ride to Remember” trophy / achievement.



This off-road jeep, modeled after the infamous vehicle from Jurassic Park, can be found behind the building across the street from the Hackerspace in Oakland.


Use the RC Jumper to leap over the fence and unlock the ctOS box to open the gate.



In the Port of Oakland you can find this unique ride parked in a storage container at the top of a stack. Use your vehicle hack ability to drive it out and collect it.



Across from the large ctOS data center on Yerba Buena Island, you can find this bio-hazard response vehicle tucked between two small warehouse buildings.



The Ice Cube rally car can be found in the campground near Kirby Cove in Marin County.



This retro hippie van can be found north of the park next to the Painted Ladies in San Francisco. Head down the alley next to the blue townhouse and collect the minibus from its parking space.



In San Mateo, hop the fence of this grey house in the suburbs.


Take down the guard patrolling nearby and hack or otherwise disable the security bot. Unlock the ctOS terminal to open the gate and drive the scooter out.



Head to the SVRN plaza between Stanford University and the Nudle complex in Silicon Valley. Use the RC Jumper to enter the ventilation duct on the south wall and make it’s way into the garage.


Hack the car inside to destroy the plywood blocking your access to the ctOS control panel, then activate it once the path is clear.


Enter the garage opposite the SVRN building and collect the vehicle from the garage on your left.


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