Here’s What To Do If Your Drop Your Smartphone in Water

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Here's What To Do If Your Drop Your Smartphone in Water

Dropping your smartphone can be a nightmare for it’s owner. From accidental plunge in the bath to a completely soaked handset in your pocket as you walk through the rain, there are many ways to lose that large amount of data including memorable pictures and favorite playlists in your smartphone. 

Here’s how to aid your smartphone on its way to recovery after being drowned in the water.

1.     Pull it out of the water

Remember, every second counts. So pull your phone out of the water ASAP!

2.     Switch it off

Usually, a smartphone turns off automatically when it comes in contact with the water. If your smartphone is still switched on, power it off to prevent any short circuit.

3.     Remove the Battery

Apart from the iPhones and other such handsets from which the battery cannot be removed, pull out the battery to cut off the power source of your handset.

4.     Pull out the Peripherals like SIM and SD cards

Remove the covers that hide all the slots in the phone and pat it dry with a towel or a microfiber cloth. Do not use paper for drying as its leftover particles can clog the slots.

5.     Seal your smartphone in a vacuum bag

This step will ensure that all the water is removed from your handset, especially the ports and slots.

6.     Drop your Handset in a Bowl of Rice

You can also use any other absorber or dehumidifier like silica gel. Put all the parts of your smartphone as well as the handset in a bowl of rice for two days and let the magic happen!

7.     The Moment of Truth

Turn on your phone and hope for a miracle. Even though this technique has a reportedly high success rate, yet a fall in the water is often the worst thing that your smartphone may have to survive.

It is important to resist that urge to switch it on just for a second or so, to see how your smartphone is coming along. Give it at least two days of complete rest in a rice bowl. Most important! Never put your smartphone inside the microwave!



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