Hideo Kojima Met Up With Nic Cage For Death Stranding 2

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Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima‘s most recent companion in the realm of celebrities happens to be none other than the renowned Nicolas Cage, and I can hardly fathom a more fitting figure to grace the world of Death Stranding 2.

In a recent tweet, Kojima shared a couple of captivating snapshots taken with Cage. The photographs were captured within the confines of Kojima’s studio, with their eerie mascot looming in the background. What struck me most about these images were two distinct elements. Firstly, Cage exuded an undeniable aura of style, an inimitable fashion statement that only he could effortlessly pull off, leaving no room for doubt about its authenticity.

Secondly, my attention was drawn to the lapel pin adorning Kojima’s attire, displaying Cage’s visage from the blood-soaked cinematic masterpiece, Mandy, released in 2018. I can only assume that this precious trinket was bestowed upon Kojima as a token of friendship, for to arrive at such a meeting already sporting the badge is an audacious display of dominance.

While it’s true that Kojima frequently mingles with various luminaries, it would be easy to dismiss this encounter as a mere courtesy visit or an artistic twist on The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. However, my fervent hope lies in the possibility of something greater. There is nothing I desire more than to witness the inclusion of Nic Cage in Death Stranding 2. Can you even fathom the audacious combination of Hollywood’s most flamboyant icon with Kojima’s penchant for crafting larger-than-life personas?

We are already aware that Death Stranding 2’s cast is spearheaded by the talented Elle Fanning. Moreover, the original game featured the notable presence of Kojima’s acquaintances such as Guillermo Del Toro, Lea Seydoux, and Norman Reedus. Additionally, Death Stranding delighted players with surprise cameos from the likes of Junji Ito, Conan O’Brien, and Sam Lake. With such precedents established, the realm of Death Stranding 2 stands ripe for the inclusion of Nicolas Cage, and I find myself desperately yearning to witness the captivating spectacle that would unfold as a result.

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