HIGH ON LIFE’s First Extended Look Trailer Revealed

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Squanch Games released an extended trailer for their upcoming comedy-action game High On Life. Made by the same creators of the famous Rick & Morty series, this game is going to be a playful take on first-person shooters.

Watch this amazing trailer featuring a lengthy chunk of gameplay in a fight against the bounty target 9-TORG. Of course, if you want the censored version, you can watch that here instead of watching the trailer below.

The fact that they are willing to have a censored and uncensored trailer is telling that the game itself will likely offer the same opportunity. This does open the game up to a wider audience, but doesn’t do much to change the fact that this game is going to get a bit gnarly!

High On Life is set to release on December 13th for PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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