Highball Ice Molds

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Regular ice cube trays won’t cut it for your premium cocktails.That’s where these Highball Ice Cylindar Ice Tray Molds come in.

This pack of two (2) ice molds feature the classic highlights of Tovolo quality. They’re made of sturdy BPA-free plastic with silicone lids that seal tight and allow the molds to stack neatly in your freezer.

Each mold creates one slow-melting ice cylinder that slides easily into the contours of your classic highball glass.

They’ll cool your drink without watering it down, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Ditch the old-fashioned ice cube trays and bring your cocktail game to the next level with the help of these Highball Ice Cylindar Molds.

The extra large 3″ x 2″ size ice is perfect for your highball favorites.

These unique molds deliver the art & science of slow-melting cylinder ice, without any hassle.

The silicone cap seals tight and allows the molds to stack neatly in your freezer.

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