Highly Anticipated Indie Game LACUNA Release Date Revealed

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Winner of “Best Prototype” at Game Award Saar and second place for “Best Game” at Indie Game Fest 2019, Lacuna will be released on May 20th. Assemble Entertainment and developer DigiTales are undertaking a deep and emotionally intense experience in their upcoming game.

This story-driven 2D sci-fi noir adventure game is designed in pixel art. Players will step into the shoes of a Central Department of Investigation (CDI) agent named Neil Conrad, whose investigation into a gruesome murder is about to throw his life into complete turmoil. The choices you make while investigating this heinous murder will eventually lead to one of many possible game endings.

Using WASD control format, they claim to go beyond simple point-and-click gameplay. Players will progress through the story with story-altering dialogue choices as well as optional interactives along the way.

Starting from May 20th, Lacuna will be available to download on PC via Steam. Can’t wait to get your hands on this game? The publisher has released a Prologue demo you can now play for free on Steam! Watch the Prologue trailer below and whet your appetite for what is shaping up to be an indie game award contender for 2021.

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