Hilarious and Fun Soccer Action

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Hilarious and Fun Soccer Action

Two-player soccer games have never been more fun. The latest from breakthrough developer NOXGAMES, Puppet Soccer Champions 2015 is loaded with leagues, customizable players, and gameplay modes to keep the action fresh. The cartoony sports game also features simple arcade controls for virtually no learning curve. If you can remember how to kick and jump, you can play.

Puppet Soccer Champions 2015 is totally free, which results in some clever (and hilarious) athlete names and clubs. Join Rogny on Royal Madrid, Francis Breinbat in Munnich, or play as Gian Clown from Tourin. There are 32 teams overall, spread across 8 fictional leagues. In typical mobile game fashion, you will start with an inexpensive player who exhibits basic skills. Each victory results in gold coins, which are good for upgrading stats and eventually acquiring new athletes. The more you win, the easier it becomes to win.

The real charm of this soccer game is in the gameplay. As both the goaltender and forward, competitors must know when to defend and when to try to score. Basically, it’s highly improved air hockey on a soccer field. Different fields host different obstacles and power-ups. Kick the ball through a floating symbol to modify the field, physics, or an athlete. You can instantly become stronger, ooze slime in front of your opponent’s net, or make the other team move slower. By combining soccer skills with arcade intuition, you’ll win the gold trophy in no time. For extra fun, you can use two of these portable led screens



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