Hitman 3 Just Got A Free New Level

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Hitman 3

Hitman protagonist Agent 47 has seen the world. He’s parachuted onto the tallest tower in Dubai. He’s infiltrated manors in the British countryside and on the Amalfi Coast. He’s even been to New Jersey. But everyone’s loved be-suited secret agent still, apparently, needs one more stamp on the passport: a badly lit island that looks a whole lot like an Uncharted set-piece.

Developer IO Interactive has added a new level to Hitman 3. Called Ambrose Island, it’s freely available to everyone who has the game, as part of developer IO Interactive’s “year two” plan. Hitman 3 came out last January with five amazing stealth sandboxes and one divisive not-stealth not-sandbox. IO has slowly introduced a wave of new content, including a series of downloadable content based on the seven deadly sins. It’s also getting a roguelike mode, though that’s been delayed to later this year.

But Ambrose Island is the first true-to-form new stage for Hitman 3. It’s set in the Andaman Sea, just west of Thailand. Chronologically, as you know if you’re one of the 17 people who’s been able to detangle Hitman’s hilariously convoluted narrative, it’s set prior to the events of Hitman 3. A cinematic, seen above, indicates it takes place before the Isle of Sgail stage at the end of Hitman 2.

The mission brief comes courtesy of longtime Hitman characters Lucas Grey and Diana Burnwood. Grey’s former ally, some generic brownshirt named Noel Crest, has tried to team up with a modern-day pirate queen named Sinhi “Akka” Venthan. Your mission, should you choose to go along with this fraught, barely relevant bit and accept it, is to annihilate them both via clandestine means.

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