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Vampire blaster
Vampire Destruction Kit

Online retailer In Case Of has developed a series of four “emergency cases” that you can hang on your wall in preparation for the next attack from a zombie, werewolf, demon, or vampire. The items in each case are replicas, of course, but if I were a blood-thirsty vampire, I’d think twice about venturing farther into someone’s home if I saw one of these hanging on the wall.

The vampire case contains two vampire stakes; a heavy-duty stake hammer; a large metal cross; a holy-water container; three heads of garlic; the “Vampire Survival Guide”; and a small protective cross.

Gear To Fight Off Zombie’s

“Compared to the evolved cabinet samples you can view today on our site,” the creators of the emergency cases say, “that first cabinet stands a rough and crude attempt, however also a symbol of ‘budhood,’ good cooperation and quality fun. From this humble beginning, the project took off, exploring possibilities, establishing standards, and seeking improvements. Today, we are proud to offer you products of high-quality and craftsmanship.”

The zombie cabinet contains a 12-gauge short-barrel shotgun; a hunting knife with belt sheath; a hand grenade; “The Zombie Outbreak Field Handbook”; a 10-shotgun shell box; and four shotgun shells on a leather belt holder.

Gear To Fight Off Werewolves

According to the founders of In Case Of,  these emergency cabinets stem from an early love of all things sci-fi, horror, and supernatural-related.

“In 2007, in a heated discussion over direct protection from zombies, we came up with the idea of a zombie emergency cabinet,” the website says. “This brilliant idea remained an idea until 2010 when, not only did we built the actual cabinet, but we also came up with the greater idea of creating an actual company that would provide means against all possible cases of extraordinary hazard.”

The werewolf case contains a navy caplock musket equipped with the silver bayonet; six silver bullets on a stand; a black powder flask; a protective amulet; a pouch containing silver bullets, wadding, and percussion caps; and “The Werewolf Handbook.”

You Guessed It Right.. In Case Of Possession Use The Exorcism Kit

Not only does the In Case Of website sells cool cabinets, but it also has a complete compendium of monsters that highlights things like the beasts’ combat abilities, strengths and weaknesses, and habitat and society. It all falls under the category of “Know Thine Enemy.”

The Demon Cabinet contains a large cross; a blessed protective cross; a holy-water container; a Bible; a stole; the Sacred Scroll of Abolishment; and 10 feet of constraining rope.


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