Homeworld 3 Action-Packed Gameplay Trailer Released

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Homeworld 3

At the Game Awards 2021 show, Gearbox Publishing and developer Blackbird Interactive released the first gameplay trailer for Homeworld 3. The video teases huge space battles and exploration of unknown new star systems, all taking place generations after the events of Homeworld 2.

Gearbox and Blackbird Interactive unveiled that Homeworld 3’s campaign is set in a galaxy that has appreciated an age of abundance thanks to the Hyperspace Gate Network, barring the occasional cycles of war that crop up every so often. The gates have started failing though, and the key to the mystery endangering the entire galaxy’s future lies with Karan S’jet, the Hiigaran leader from the last Homeworld game.

“Homeworld 3 is the realization of the vision of what we set out to create in the Homeworld series, with modern technology allowing us to push beyond our wildest dreams of large-scale dynamic space combat packed with emotional sci-fi storytelling,” Blackbird Interactive CEO–as well as Homeworld and Homeworld 2 art director–Rob Cunningham said in a press statement. “We could not be more excited to debut the deepest look yet at gameplay with the incredible Homeworld community and the world at The Game Awards. We have got a lot more exciting details to share next year as we prepare for the launch of this massive next chapter.”

Blackbird Interactive will add the Homeworld’s classic strategic gameplay now operates at an even bigger scale than ever before, with environments coming with new hazards such as hulking space derelicts which are called megaliths, the remains of an ancient civilization that crafty players can turn into ambush points. Homeworld 3 is also seeking to take maximum advantage of strong modern hardware to render new ship designs and settings.

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