HORIZON FORBIDDEN WEST New “Challenges” Trailer

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Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West has got a new trailer now. The new video from developer Guerrilla Games takes players deeper into the various challenges they can expect to face and the missions they can pursue while roaming across the Forbidden West.

The trailer starts by getting into the different settlements Aloy will visit on her travels and how each one has its own traditions and culture. Aloy can buy new armor and weapons from various merchants here and can even upgrade them if she has the proper materials.

She’ll also be able to put her spear skills to the test in a melee pit that will give players the chance to test out Forbidden West’s new-and-improved melee combat suite. The trailer also confirms that the Hunting Grounds from Horizon Zero Dawn are returning for the sequel, and will challenge Aloy to fast and creatively take down her prey. There are also new missions known as salvage contracts that will task Aloy with getting rare machine parts.

The bandit camps from the first game have also gotten an upgrade in Forbidden West, as they’re now connected to the new antagonist Regala. Her band of rebels has camps and outposts all over the Forbidden West that Aloy will no doubt have to clear out in order to establish stability in the region.

Players will also get the chance to uncover more about the old world by delving into the ruins of the civilizations that came before. The dungeon-like Cauldrons return as well and will most likely expand Aloy’s machine-hacking abilities.

The trailer then gives a look at races where Aloy can challenge other machine riders in a violent scramble to reach the finish line first, before closing with the reveal of a machine fighting arena. Gamers can test their skill against some of the game’s most scary machines here, including the deathly new Slitherfang.

Horizon Forbidden West will launch on February 18th, 2022, for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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