Horizon Forbidden West Sells 8 Million Units as Franchise Passes 32 Million

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Horizon Forbidden West

Guerrilla Games, the acclaimed developer behind the Horizon series, recently shared some impressive sales figures for their latest installment, Horizon Forbidden West. According to their announcement, the game has already sold a staggering 8.4 million units, solidifying its position as a highly successful title. Moreover, when considering the franchise as a whole, the cumulative sales across all Horizon games have reached an impressive milestone of 32.7 million units.

In a PlayStation Blog post, Jan-Bart van Beek, the studio director and studio art and animation director, expressed their gratitude for the overwhelming support. Van Beek acknowledged that the success of Horizon is not solely attributed to game sales, but also to the broad reach facilitated by PlayStation’s subscription services and initiatives, such as PlayStation Plus and Play at Home. These platforms have allowed millions of players worldwide to discover and immerse themselves in the captivating world of Horizon. Van Beek further reflected on the remarkable journey of Guerrilla Games, noting how the current achievements surpassed their wildest expectations when they first embarked on the path of game development two decades ago.

Exciting news lies ahead for Horizon fans, as Guerrilla Games has confirmed the ongoing development of a third main installment in the Horizon series, showcasing their commitment to expanding the beloved franchise. Additionally, the studio is working on an online game, promising new avenues for players to explore and engage with the Horizon universe. Furthermore, to complement the gaming experience, Horizon: Call of the Mountain, designed specifically for PSVR 2, has been captivating players with its immersive virtual reality gameplay. As a testament to Guerrilla’s dedication, Horizon Forbidden West recently received the Burning Shores DLC, offering additional content and extending the adventure.

The popularity of the Horizon series is transcending the gaming world, as the captivating narrative and rich world-building have captured the attention of enthusiasts beyond the realm of consoles. Aloy, the fearless protagonist of Horizon, is set to conquer new frontiers in other forms of media. Notably, a highly anticipated Horizon Netflix series is currently in development, with acclaimed director Steve Blackman, known for his work on the Umbrella Academy, at the helm. This upcoming adaptation is poised to bring the awe-inspiring world of Horizon to life in a whole new way, inviting fans to delve deeper into the mysteries and wonders of this captivating universe.

As the Horizon franchise continues to flourish and expand across various platforms and media, the future looks bright for fans who eagerly anticipate the next chapter of Aloy’s journey and the awe-inspiring adventures that lie ahead.

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