Horror AGONY 16 Minutes Of Gameplay Released And It Is Brutal Beyond Belief

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We’ve seen the trailer of the game when it was first launched it’s Kickstarter campaign but for now it is still far off from it’s goal of $49,000. To raise awareness about said campaign the team released 16 minutes of gameplay footage which include hanging demon infants from nooses, crushing them with rocks, humans with various entrails missing, suffering, demons feasting on humans, a giant bad ass purple demon, and all the things you can expect in hell.

Agony is a first-person survival horror game currently in development.
Players will begin their journey as tormented soul within the depths of hell without any memories about his past.

The special ability to control people on their path, and even possess simple minded demons,
gives the player the necessary measures to survive in the extreme conditions they are in.

By exploring hostile environment and interacting with the other weary souls of the hellscape,
the hero will soon understand that there is only one way to escape from Hell, and it will require a meeting of the mystical Red Goddess.


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