Hot Topic and Disney Are Preparing For Halloween In A Big Way

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Believe it or not, Halloween is just around the corner. And for the occasion, Hot Topic and Disney are working on some cool things. In addition to a few other shoe patterns, Hot Topic has released online exclusive Halloween-themed Mickey and Minnie shoes and Lilo and Stitch-themed shoes for Halloween.

You can check out the Mickey and Minnie shoes here, Lilo and Stitch here, and other shoes here. If you have kids you may also appreciate this Star Wars themed make-your-own pop-up book which is also on sale by Hot Topic.

Disney has also officially opened up their Halloween shop for 2021 and there are many things that you can pick. From home décor to costumes to normal clothes, there is something to please the Disney fan in your life.

You can check out the Disney Halloween store here.

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