Hoverboard Burns Down Million-Dollar House Amazon Got Sued

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Nashville, Tennessee family is suing Amazon after their million-dollar house was destroyed by a fire. The cause: the lithium batteries inside a hoverboard they’d purchased in January.

Family reportedly thought they were purchasing one from a reliable manufacturer and that its components would be safe.

Instead, they got a poorly-made device that transformed their house from a family home into something that looks like a burned-out set from a Michael Bay movie.

Amazon obviously doesn’t make Amazon Basics hoverboards. The hoverboard in question was made and sold by a third party, but lawyers representing the family haven’t been able to track that company down. They successfully nailed down an address in New York City, but it’s believed to be a front.

According to Tennessee law, when you can’t find the actual manufacturer of something you’ve purchased you’re entitled to sue the company that sold it to you. That’s how Amazon wound up being named in the suit.


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