How Animation for Games Differs From Animation for Films

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At first glance, it seems that animation for games and movies does not make any difference. In both cases, these are visual models and effects created using computer technology that meets all the basic rules of animation. However, it is not all so simple. It is worth remembering about interactive features, available in the game and not available in the film. To provide it at a decent level, game developers need to invest much more time and effort in creating their product.

What other differences can you highlight animation for games and movies? Let’s figure it out together.


Animation for Games vs Movies: What Makes Them Different

Perhaps visually they might look similar. But the differences are still much greater.

Interactive Features and Environment

We have already mentioned interactive options. The game requires a careful study of every location and every detail of the world since the player can get close to any object and interact with it at any time. If something does not fall into the player’s field of vision, this does not mean that it should not be thought out to the smallest detail. The player will most likely come there sooner or later since they build their own story and decide in what order the events will take place.

This will not happen in the film. The director leads you along the narrative line, showing the main points, and having the opportunity to deal with the world around you only occasionally. Animators won’t model a whole city. They will simulate the part that falls into the frame or against which the main characters are talking. They also won’t model every item from every angle. One side is enough if it also falls into the zone of visibility according to the director’s idea.


Technical Limitations

You’ve probably noticed that animation in films is often so realistic that it is impossible to determine where is reality and where is graphics. In fact, film professionals have no limits in detail. This cannot be said about games. They are always created taking into account the capabilities of the existing hardware. Therefore, animators need to be able to balance on the verge of detailing models and considering the capabilities of modern PCs and consoles.

Filmmakers can afford to render a minute of animation for dozens of hours if needed for the result they want. The creators of the game have to reckon with the limitations of frame-by-frame rendering and the need to load the environment depending on the player’s movements.


Movement Scenarios

Video game animations are not just simulated movement of characters and objects. This is a lot of programming required to ensure that all possible scenarios of action function correctly. In the film, you do not need to think that the viewer can somehow influence what is happening. The models’ movements obey a single script.

The animation in the video game follows the will of the player. The character moves, crouches, jumps, engages in combat, etc. when the player presses the appropriate keys. The surrounding world and the objects that fill it are also programmed for specific movements in response to interaction with players if they deem it necessary to approach them.


This is much more difficult to do than simply implementing one scenario of the development of events in the film. Therefore, to create such an animation, it is better to contact a professional. For example, 3D animation studio Kevuru Games, where professional game animators work. They know how to create advanced game animations that completely immerse the player in the action.


Final Words

Whether it’s an animation for a movie or a game, it is not an easy task and requires a special approach and a professional hand. Modern films require photorealistic effects and models, so it often takes a huge amount of time to create textures of tissues, hair, and human skin. Games are more limited in terms of realism due to the fact that the number of polygons must be related to the technical requirements of the hardware. But there you need to think over many more scenarios of interactive interaction with the player.

When deciding to get into animation, weigh the pros and cons of building your team. The most optimal solution at first is to outsource certain tasks. Check out the Kevuru Games animation studio at kevurugames. This team is well-versed in their business and has extensive experience in creating game videos. If necessary, they will create for your concepts, models, or even the animation itself at the highest professional level.

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