How Are Skill Games Different From Gambling?

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Skill games are now a big part of the online gaming scene and nowadays the most favorable way for players to earn money is by testing their skills. Although people get confused between skill games and gambling games. Skills games are basically games that include the pure skill of an individual player, however, gambling purely comes under game by chance.

To further clarify we can take fantasy sports or rummy games against spin wheel type of casino games. They both might sound the same as both have a possibility of earning you big bucks but there is a big difference between these two.

If we take a rummy game, in this player use their brilliance by playing cards which don’t involve any sort of luck and only involve the skill set of that player. While Spinning wheel doesn’t involve any kind of skills and purely depends on the Player’s chance. There is only a thin line, but the difference is very big. Now let’s figure out how skill games are different from gambling. If you want to know how to play rummy click here.


Legal Stance on Skill games and Gambling games 

We all know Skill games are purely based on individuals’ skills and results are determined based on it but gambling games are completely based on chance and individuals have no control over the result. In-Law terms, Games which are purely based on chance are illegal or we can say that Gambling is illegal in India as it is purely based on chance.

Skill games are completely legal even according to the Supreme Court of India which is the highest judicial body of India. Although different countries have their different rules and regulations and Gambling is legal in many countries like the USA but Skill games are legal in every country while Gambling can be found illegal in some of the countries.


Which are Skill Games 

We know that Skill games are based on the skills of a player and his ability to strategize and make crucial decisions and luck or chance are out of the equation. But the reality is that luck can affect the game and the result of the game. For example, Rummy is a skill-based game but it mainly depends on the distribution of cards that decides the further decisions.

If you get strong cards then certainly odds will be in your favor to win a match that purely is based on luck. But the main thing is that strong cards don’t insure your victory and you still would’ve to showcase your skill to win the game which makes it different from gambling or any game by chance. The games which come under skill games are


  • Rummy
  • Chess
  • Yahtzee
  • Spades
  • Tonk
  • Poker


Which games comes under Gambling 

We have already discussed which are the skill games and let’s shift our focus to gambling games and which are the games which find themselves under this category. We all know that Gambling games are purely based on chance and results are not in the hands of the player. Players cannot affect the result of the game through their skills or smart decisions.

Many of you would be confused seeing games like Poker and Rummy in a list of skill based games as they are seen as a gambling game but in the eyes of law, they aren’t purely based on chance and involve some skill set to determine the result of the game. Although there is some interference of luck and chance which could affect the result but doesn’t completely affect the game. Now let’s see which games are under this category


  • Slot Machines
  • Keno
  • Bingo
  • Casino War
  • Scratch Cards
  • Spin Wheel





  1. Is Skill Games Legal


  1. Is Gambling Legal

No it is not legal in India but is legal in other countries

  1. Why Gambling is not Legal in India

Indian constitution doesn’t legalize any sport which is purely based on the chance that’s why Gambling is not legal in India

  1. Is Poker Game of luck or skill?

Poker involves both dimensions, but it is considered a game of a skill more than luck and is legal in India

  1. What is game by Chance

Game by chance means the result of the game is purely based on the fortune and luck of the player and the player has no control over it.

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