How Betting is Helping the Rise of eSports

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The eSports industry is slowly on the rise, bigger events are happening, more money being provided to the winners and more people are tuning in.

The industry deserves a lot of credit for this, though they are getting a hand from elsewhere and that is from the betting industry.

Some of the latest video game releases are aimed at this market, but it takes an incredibly special game to break out and be a hugely popular title while also becoming a big eSports title.

You can now bet on eSports events, and bookmakers are taking this far more seriously than they have done in the past. Some of the biggest bookmakers in the world offer eSports, and not only that but they offer a very strong and detailed service too.

While people are betting on eSports, things are only going to grow, and while bookmakers are getting bets placed, they are going to keep improving the service they have on offer.


Competition Coverage

When eSports betting first started, those that did offer betting covered the biggest events only. Now we are seeing something completely different.

Not only do we have more coverage, but for much of the time we actually have daily eSports coverage available from the bookmakers. This means many of the minor events and leagues that were previously left alone are now being covered.

This is all down to supply and demand, the increased number of people betting on eSports has led to more demand, and bookmakers are adding more events to their book to supply what is needed.

If you want to bet on eSports, whether it is huge events such as the Fortnite World Cup down to small daily events, the bookmakers will have odds available for you to use.


General Betting Markets

The actual betting markets you use to place bets on events is something else that has dramatically changed, with bookmakers adding more.

At first, very little match betting was available and the matches that were covered usually consisted of one market which was who would win the battle.

Now we have double figure markets for the bigger events and a handful of markets for smaller ones.

This include popular ways to bet on sports such as handicap betting, who will win the individual maps, who will win the next map, which player will win the most points or score the most kills and more.

This means that you can get involved in many ways, and it also means you can bet on uncompetitive games where there is a strong favourite, which is key for punters in many sports.


Live Betting and Streaming

A huge improvement to betting as a whole has been the introduction of live betting and live streaming. This is something that bookmakers use to their advantage on many sports, and they are now using this for eSports.

You can bet during play with the odds changing to reflect who is on top during the battle and while you are doing this you can watch a live stream of the action to see what is happening.

Those using free bets to place in play eSports bets should note that sportsbook free bets cannot be cashed out, but you can have great fun by using the in play markets to place a wager on the action.

Many people like to bet in play, and if a live stream is available, they are more inclined to do so. This puts eSports out there, and new fans will have been attracted in this way and will watch via their bookmaker.



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