How Can I Boost My Characters With Epiccarry?

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World of Warcraft

Epiccarry is the oldest and most respected boosting service in the market. The boost is provided for the most popular games.

Why do you need the service of our boosters?

We’ll clarify it to you on the example of World of Warcraft.

In the game, to start conquering the expanses of the arena, battlefields, or break into the PvE race, you need to pump your character up to level 90, which takes too much time, both for beginners and experienced players. Pumping a character occurs by completing a large number of quests and killing a myriad of mobs – this is a very tedious process that often pushes players away from WoW. Although getting a character of the 90th level, they could enjoy the high-level content of the game with pleasure.

Do you appreciate your time? Do you feel sorry to waste precious hours on farming, not on exciting battles? A quick hero leveling in-game is what you need! We offer:

  •  Working for results. We complete the order on the day of receipt or immediately after payment. If you need to buy or upgrade character from level 1 to level 100, we will complete this task within a few days.


  •  Absolute confidentiality. Data about you and your orders will not be disclosed to third parties under any circumstances. The information is protected by the SSL encryption protocol and is not subject to disclosure.


  •  Instant feedback. Our operators are constantly in touch. Leave your question and you will get an answer in a short time.


Saving time is not the only advantage. In addition to the highest 100 level, you will get:


  •  all items and gold accumulated during the farm;


  •  reputation points, inherited items, rare achievements, mounts, and other useful items that can improve your character’s abilities;


  •  the necessary riding skills that will help in the further pumping of heroes in-game and make it comfortable;


  •  more free time to communicate with your loved ones. While we are pumping your hero, you can work, relax with your family, or do what you want.


How can I boost my characters with Epiccarry?

To start, you must create a new character on your account on the server you need. Next, order service for pumping, pass your account data (only username and password).

ATTENTION! You should not be asked for a secret question or other account information. Beware of scammers.

After payment, the order goes to the performer. Boosters will quickly dial the levels you need, as they perform the same tasks every day along the route that saves you the most time pumping.

Our boosters don’t use third-party software. All characters are pumped manually. As soon as your character reaches the level you need, you will immediately receive an alert. Now you can start further character development while enjoying the variety of the game at the maximum level.

Want more? The Epiccarry also provides an opportunity to buy anything you need for self-boosting your character. We believe that games are more fun when meets or exceed expectations. To grow with Epiccarry easier, more fun, and interesting. Don’t miss your chance!

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