How Can You Earn Money Playing World of Warcraft?

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World of Warcraft

Most of us play games for fun and have a really good time completing quests, exploring levels, and getting the highest scores. But the reality is that you do have the potential to earn money from games. All you must do is to figure out what game you enjoy the most and see if you will be able to monetize it one way or the other. More often than not you will find that most online games, especially the very popular ones offer great monetization options and for you to play online you need good broadband deals, which you can check out by clicking the link.


What game should you play to make a living from it?

That mostly depends on what game genre you enjoy the most. A lot of people will want to play MMORPG games because those tend to last for a very long time and they get tons of support. But you can also play other games too, such as MOBA titles, among others. We believe that one of the best games to play and make a living from would be World of Warcraft. Why is that?

WoW has been around for many years and for more than a decade people have been making a living from it. There are multiple methods you can use, as we will outline below, but you do have the potential to earn quite a lot of money if you know what you’re doing.


Twitch streaming

Twitch is a great way for you to monetize your World of Warcraft gameplay. The interesting thing about World of Warcraft is that despite being very old as a game, a lot of people are playing it still and they are always finding new ways to have fun and enjoy their time. With that in mind, Twitch offers subscription systems and people can donate to you if they like your energy, charisma, and gameplay. So it does make a lot of sense to try and monetize your World of Warcraft gameplay here. You can still play the game and have fun or just get paid for it. Which is exactly what you really need at the end of the day.


Post informative content on YouTube

If you dislike the idea of being life but still want to generate a community around your World of Warcraft knowledge, YouTube is the way to go. This platform is great for you because you can showcase a plethora of information as you see fit. You can create video guides, you can talk about news, or you can show off some of the clips you have from your gameplay. You will get to insert ads in your videos and the more views you get, the more income you will receive. So it’s certainly a great idea if you want to make money from World of Warcraft.


Gold farming

Once you reach the max level in WoW, you will be able to focus on farming gold from quests. Gold is very important for people in WoW as it’s the trading currency, so you can sell it for quite a bit of money if you’re careful. The trick here is that you will have to pay hours and hours every day. It will be pretty much like a job, but you get to do whatever you want and that is obviously going to pay off. If you want to make a career playing video games, World of Warcraft is definitely a good starting point. And you can shift the game later on when this one is not as popular.


Power Leveling characters

A lot of people don’t want to spend their time playing the game at a lower character level. So they are willing to pay you to bring their character to the highest level. Usually, this kind of service is acquired for good money, so you can easily make money from World of Warcraft just by leveling up other people’s characters. You can even go onward and focus only on PVP or a variety of other things like that if you want to speed up the process. The customer won’t care as long as you bring him to the desired level in the end.


Speed leveling

Speed leveling is different because you either select a specific level you want your character to be at, or you will play with that person to help them level up. There are people that prefer this kind of approach, however, it all comes down to you and what type of services you want to share, to begin with.


Sell accounts

Creating accounts is easy in WoW, and the best part is that there are no major restrictions when it comes to selling accounts. That being said, a good account can sell for thousands, so there’s definitely money to be made here. Yes, it will take time to level up one or more characters, but being able to earn so much money is definitely one of the reasons why people still play World of Warcraft and enjoy it.


Sell items in-game

There’s also the option of being able to sell items inside the game. World of Warcraft does a very good job here with their store. You can sell items for gold or for real money, that’s up to you. If you want to sell for the money you will have to do that on a separate website. But the possibility is there for sure.

Making money from World of Warcraft is definitely possible and it does have the potential to help a lot when it comes to earning more income. However, it will take some time for you to master the game and how it works. But you can expect to earn quite a lot if you know what you are doing and pay a lot of attention to the game market, trends, and so on. Yes, playing video games can be financially lucrative if you know how to do it. Try to use these great ideas and you won’t have a problem earning money from World of Warcraft!  

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