How can You Protect Your Apple Devices from theft?

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Apple devices are attractive. They get their fair share of attention and not always from the best kinds of people. It’s an unfortunate fact of life.

Here are some suggestions for how to better protect your Apple device(s) from theft.

Lock Your Apple Devices When Out of Sight

It’s easy to do. Walking around with your iPhone unlocked in your pocket or in your hand. Getting used to mindlessly strolling in the neighborhood with an unlocked phone makes you an easy target. Snatching a phone and running with it are all too common occurrences. Don’t be a victim.

Keep your iPhone locked when it’s not in use. Yes, it’s a minor inconvenience to unlock it each time you need to use it but you’ll be so glad you did when using the fingerprint lock security system. For instance, thefts of iPhones in Europe dramatically fell when the fingerprint sensor was introduced by Apple. Thieves switched to stealing unlocked Android phones instead!

The same goes for other devices in the Apple range like the iPad or MacBook Air/Pro. Locking them or powering them down provides better security than leaving them running.

Don’t Flash Your Apple Around When Outdoors

The safest way to protect your Apple gear when you’re outdoors is to not bring it with you. The second-best way is to be sensible about what neighborhoods you are in when you slide the iPhone out of your pocket to make a call or check your icalendar.

A café isn’t safe if it’s in a bad area. Even inside a car, people have been known to smash the window to quickly grab valuables and make off in the darkness.

Being aware of your surroundings at all times is sound security advice. Not walking into a bad area with unsavory characters or being out too late at night with expensive gear on your person works too. Don’t ignore your intuition too. If the situation feels wrong, get out.

Install a Tracking Security App

While Find My iPhone is certainly a useful app to use on the Apple iPhone, it has a limited feature set. What you want is software that has the ability to track an Apple device whether it’s an expensive iPhone or a MacBook.

When tracking a stolen laptop, the more accurate the tracking, the better. Thieves know most people use Apple’s own software to track and disable a device. Using an alternative app that they’re not familiar with like Hidden App, which can find your phone, remotely access it, take snaps of the user of the device, and wipe the data, is a secret weapon.

Even after a theft of a MacBook, the Hidden App for macOS can take screen captures of what the PC is being used for, capture their keystrokes and remotely lock the Mac too. Even if you cannot get the MacBook returned, it provides peace of mind.

If in Doubt, Log Out!

Logging into websites and apps is quite normal. The act of logging out when you’re done is less frequently observed. The result is that our devices are logged into too many apps and sites that aren’t needed at that time. If a theft does occur, you’re far more vulnerable.

This applies both to iPhones, iPads, and MacBook PCs. Any app or website that requires a separate login is best left alone if it’s not required. The Apple ID does automatically log out after 24 hours for security purposes, but the more secure, the better.

By taking a few precautions, it’s possible to avoid most negative outcomes when it comes to technology gear. And even if a theft does occur, using a dependable tracking app means you’re still one step ahead.


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