How CS: GO Gained So Much Popularity

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It’s very likely that you’ve heard friends or children talk about this game, or maybe you’re even playing it yourself. The game was already known years ago, but it seemed to have increased significantly in popularity over the past years.

How exactly did this happen? Read the following paragraphs to find out!

What Is CS: GO?

CS: GO, or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is a game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It’s a multiplayer first-person shooter video game, and the fourth one in the Counter-Strike series. Back in August 2012, it was released for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, OS X and PlayStation 3. In September 2014, the Linux version was released too.

The game basically pits two teams against each other. One of the teams is composed of terrorists and the other one of counter-terrorists. Both of them have to complete certain objectives, but the main goal is eliminating each other. Depending on the game mode, the terrorists must defend the hostages or plant a bomb. The other team must either rescue the hostages or prevent the bomb from being planted, or even defuse it.

The game has eight modes, and each one of them has certain characteristics.

How It Became so Popular?

Initially, the game started off as a mod for a game called Half-Life. Back in the day, the shooter game became a mainstream one for PC gamers, and it was only available on PCs.

After a while, the game was officially released with the current name. When that happened, it had better graphics, more characters, and remastered maps. As a consequence, the competition and the base grew, and the game started being played everywhere in the world where an Internet connection was existent.

The game started appearing at eSports tournaments, where there were competitions with real sponsors. The players were professional ones, and the rewards were quite big. However, although there were many professionals, there could only be one winner.

The game continued to improve over the years, with the updates being regular and containing big improvements to the characters, maps, and gameplay. It is popular on Steam to this day, and so are its mechanics and core maps. For some reason, people still find it interesting, even after all these years.

Because Steam has regular sales that sometimes discount games by even as much as 90% (although very few games have this discount), certain games are really easy to obtain. During discounts, CS: GO has a lower price too, so it’s easier to purchase it during the sales.

The game gained so much popularity because it’s simple to learn, but it makes you think about a lot of tactics. Additionally, it’s well-designed, has a lot of depth and requires various skills. Competitiveness compels people, making them want to think about the best strategies to beat the opponents.

Final Thoughts

CS: GO has become very popular because of its gameplay and because it’s so well designed. That’s why there are many teams competing against each other.

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