How Does Courier and Package Tracking System Works?

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An essential part of seamless eCommerce shopping involves prompt delivery of the products ordered by a customer. To ensure this seamless experience, employing a professional courier service is essential. Most of the courier services allow the customer to track their parcels but how exactly does this tracking system work?

A lot of effort goes behind to ensure that the customer is able to track the package easily. Firstly, the parcels are sorted on the basis of their destination and then their movement right from the source is considered to provide the customer with an estimated time of delivery. A tracking system in the courier company’s website can be used for building trust with the customer to ensure that they will receive their package right on time. Normally, the tracking of a package involves six steps. The steps involved are listed below. 


1. Generation of barcode for the package

As soon as the package is handed to a courier company like Emirates Post, a bar code is generated for the package by the company. The information for the same is then stored in the tracking system of the website of the company. The customer then gets the information that their item has been dispatched and the tracking details for the same are provided to them. 


2. Bar Code Scanning 

When the parcel is then loaded for delivery, the bar code is again scanned by the courier company and the customer can see that the item has started its course. Whenever the barcode is scanned, the information associated with it is stored in the tracking system of the company. Important information which is stored includes the time when the package left the seller’s location, the source, the destination, and of course, the estimated time of delivery. 


3. Product is received at different courier branch 

Courier agencies have their branches located in different places to ensure a smooth roadmap to deliver the product. After completing a course of the path, the product finally receives a branch of the courier company which is located at or near the location of the bar. 


4. The barcode is rescanned 

After receiving the item, the barcode is scanned again to check when it was being received in the final destination courier branch. Courier companies like GATI allow users to check all this information. 


5. The parcel is finally out for delivery 

After the item is rescanned in the final courier branch, the parcel is rescanned to be sent out for delivery. Most courier companies prefer to send the package out for delivery as soon as it receives, especially if it is morning. However, if the item reaches the courier branch in the late evening, the parcel is scheduled to be delivered the next morning. Once the item is out for delivery, most of the couriers prefer to notify the customer about the same. E-Commerce sites to ensure that the delivery is done properly also prefer providing a code to the customer which they need to verify with the delivery person to ensure that the right person has picked up the details. 


6. Product is delivered 

After the product is delivered successfully, the delivery status of the same is then updated on the system with information like delivery time and the recipient’s name. 

A customer can track all this movement by entering the barcode number which is also known as the AWB number on the website of company. The AWB number allows the customer to check the latest update on the movement of the package. A trackable package has many benefits. Firstly, the chances of the product getting misplaced or listed are highly reduced and secondly, it gives a stress-free feeling to the customers by building trust. After delivering the product, many courier companies also prefer sending a message asking the customers to provide feedback on their service to ensure that they can serve you better. When choosing a courier company, it thus becomes important to check whether they provide tracking service on their website or not. Once that is checked, you can proceed ahead to check the pricing of the different rates of the courier company. Lastly, do not forget to check the review of a courier company if you are using it for the first time. 


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