How Gaming Brings People Together

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Gaming doesn’t always get the respect it deserves. To many observers, games are a waste of time, but that view overlooks a significant body of research showing that gaming can have a tremendously positive impact on many elements of a person’s life. Studies have shown that it can help boost memory, improve cognitive abilities and relieve symptoms of stress.

And that’s not all. Even anecdotally, we can see that gaming in the digital age helps to bring people together. It’s a great connector that can benefit people from all backgrounds; if you’re in the game, then you’re in the game. And that’s not something we can say about many other areas of life.

Here, we’ll take a closer look at how gaming brings people together. If you were looking for a reason to give gaming a try, or just a reason to stop nagging the gamer in your life, then this article could be it!


Game Nights

We tend to think of a gamer as someone who’s sitting in a room all on their own, staring at a screen and pushing buttons. But that doesn’t tell the whole story. For one thing, in most cases, a person doesn’t need to be by themselves. The majority of games are multiplayer, and if a person has a console with multiple controllers, they can host their own game nights right from the comfort of their living room.

People don’t reject conventional social occasions to game on their own. They bring other people into their world. Much fun can be had when you spend a night with your friends and family, playing a round-robin tournament of your favorite games.


Playing With Like-Minded People

The online gaming world makes it possible to connect with like-minded people in a way that would not have been easy in the past. If there’s no local “gaming scene” where a person lives, then no matter – they can turn to the digital world to play with others. This applies to all types of games, including games that historically took place offline. Today, people can play chess, backgammon, and poker online against other people all over the world in tournaments that take place exclusively over the internet. For those who can’t enjoy those activities where they live (for whatever reason), it’s a game-changer.


Inclusive Spaces

Gaming is a largely inclusive space, and that’s something that shouldn’t be undervalued. People who experience anxiety or shyness can find it challenging to connect with people in “traditional” social environments, such as at parties. The gaming world allows these people to jump into a social world on their own terms. There’s no need to respond instantly or even at all.

For people who are not able to leave their homes for whatever reason, gaming is a social lifeline that can have a hugely positive impact on their self-esteem. It provides something of a learning environment where they can learn social skills that they can then put to use in the outside world.


Socializing Through In-Game Chat

Finally, let’s think about the highly interactive nature of video games. Online multiplayer games don’t just feature multiple people existing in the same digital space. These arenas allow people to communicate directly with others all over the world in real-time. That’s something that is available to all people with a smartphone and internet connection, sure, but most people don’t take advantage of it. When you play online, you have the chance to make friends with people of all backgrounds, all over the world. And it all happens because of an activity that people enjoy!


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