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Elden Ring

Souls games are characterized by their level of difficulty, especially their DLC bosses. Everybody knows that. For this reason, just a few gamers approach them, still with caution. Since the release of Demon Souls and Dark Souls, the Souls genre has been considered a niche. Until now, at least.

Thanks to Elden Ring, the Souls games have reached over 13 million gamers, many of whom are not used to playing a very challenging game.

But why is Elden Ring different from other souls games? Contrary to previous Fromsoftware games, Elden Ring features a huge open world that is almost endless. That’s right, but still, there are other reasons.

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The First Question is What do You Mean by “Difficulty”?

“Difficulty” is a relative term, although in some cases, it’s a perfect concept to describe some tough stuff, such as playing a Souls game. The difficulty of these titles emanates from how challenging it is to progress through the map while defeating both regular enemies and bosses.

In any Souls video game, you’ll find that facing enemies, even the weakest ones, requires a huge knowledge of the movements, both yours and of the opponent, as well as good timing and technique. Foes can kill you with one stab or two hits. And what to say about boss fights? Each can take you several hours of confrontation. They will make you have a tough time!

Still, there are pro gamers for whom Souls games don’t represent a challenge – this is not my case. These gamers have a natural ability to dodge and parry attacks and memorize the patterns of the enemies just playing once.

For instance, they know exactly when a giant will swing his club to attack. Immediately afterward, they naturally avoid it and release a heavy attack. This is impressive! So, for them, Souls games do not have a high level of difficulty.

What’s more, some Elden Ring players told me that this title is the easiest Souls game they’ve ever played. And they’re not far from the truth.

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Does Elden Ring Have an Easy Mode?

Sadly, or fortunately – depending on the point of view –Elden Ring does not have an easy mode, just like other games of the Soulslike genre. In fact, you won’t find any difficulty options when you’re in the main menu of these titles.  The brutal difficulty is what characterizes these games.

No matter what part of the game you’re in, enemy attacks will always be lethal, even in the first few hours of the party. In Elden Ring, enemy groups appear from the beginning – even the first boss of the game is just around the corner when you leave the starter dungeon.

But this has a reason: the developers are trying to say to you that the world of Elden Ring is dangerous. Thus, you must learn to play as soon as possible, level up your character, and get strong-enough weapons to defeat them all.

Still, some paths can conduct you to live an easier experience, but it’s up to you to take them or not. For instance, you can specialize in magic, casting spells, and summoning spirit ashes. You can also utilize ranged attacks. This allows you to deal damage from a distance and avoid the close-up swordplay.

Another piece of advice to have an easier experience is to stealth in the areas where you can kill the enemies one by one. This way, you can level up quickly, allowing you to wield powerful weapons. You can also avoid most battles and head directly to dungeons or stronger enemies.

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Elden Ring Is the Evolution of Soulslike Games

In a few words, Elden Ring is both the evolution of soul games and open world games. More precisely, Elden Ring introduces open-world mechanics in the Souls saga, achieving an interesting result that expands the gameplay possibilities.

Elden Ring

Which Elements Make Elden Ring Easier?

As Elden Ring is the inevitable evolution of the Souls genre, it integrates certain aspects that make the game more balanced compared to the previous installments of the franchise. Below you’ll find some aspects in Elden Ring that, we believe, make this game easier in comparison to other games of FromSoftware.



Elden Ring features 10 classes. Despite not having an easy mode, some classes are better balanced and have been designed for novice players. For example, the Vagabond is a melee class recommended for its high Vigor, good Strength, and Dexterity, providing the best conditions for easy gaming. Hero and Confessor are two classes that work similarly.

Besides, since two tarnished are not very likely to have the same journey or build, you can choose the easy path. This way, your way will be a bit easier than in other games of FromSoftware, such as Dark Souls or Bloodborne.


Elden Ring Moonveil Katana

Spirit Ashes

Just like other games such as Hollow Knight, Elden Ring offers the possibility of having a companion that helps you in the most difficult battles in the game’s journey.

You can summon spirit ashes, which are ghosts of dead warriors who attack close enemies. These spirits are a great help for new players who have issues defeating bosses and raising with victory. To summon spirit ashes, just ring the bell when the monument icon appears on the left side of the screen.


Several Ways to Win

In Elden Ring, you can use stealth to explore the Lands Between safely and ambush enemies when they are vulnerable, for example, when they turn their back on you. Just press the left stick, approach the enemy silently, and make your hit. However, any error will lead to certain death.

But if you prefer to fight the right way, Elden Ring has a new mechanic to counter the enemy. Just press the heavy attack button after blocking an enemy’s strike with a shield or weapon. This way, you immediately will strike back with a powerful hit that stags enemies. It can also stun them. It’s a good way to secure victory against regular enemies, while still being useful for some bosses.

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A Map Integrated With Genius

An open world map makes things a lot easier for novices in this genre. In games such as Dark Souls or Sekiro, death is almost inevitable because the maps are a bit linear, so it’s nearly impossible to avoid challenges or escape danger.

The world in Elden Ring gives you a sense of freedom; thus you practically can head to the end of the game directly, avoiding trouble. Eventually, you can also explore and look for some improvements, such as gear or magic spells, so as not to break the continuity of the story.

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Some Tips for Beginners

If you’re a beginner, you’ll be pleased to know that there are some tricks you can adopt to make your gaming experience easier. Most fans of Elden Ring already know this, but as you’re a newbie, these tips will come in handy.


Keep an Eye on Your Both Stamina Bar and Health Bar

If you’re new to the Souls genre, it’s primordial to know that your main goal is not to die! So simple like that. In the first place, watching your stamina bar is relevant since enemies can kill you with one hit.

Consume a flask of Crimson tears any time you need to recover your health, but do not get distracted and don’t forget your stamina bar. Remember that successfully blocking and dodging attacks depends on it. On the other side, this bar will allow you to escape from battle if there’s no other option.


Memorize Spells

Casting spells is very likely the “easy mode” in Elden Ring. As you can expect, casting spells allows you to attack from a distance, which is perfect for easily avoiding strikes. No doubt that it’s not so satisfying but if you’re not skilled with the sword or any other weapon, memorizing spells is the perfect choice for you. Creating a good set of sorceries and incantations will provide you with several alternatives when attacking.


Use the Horse Whenever You Can

Torrent, the mount in Elden Ring, is not available from the beginning, but when you get it, you’ll notice that it will solve your problems quite a bit. Since exploring is one of the main aspects of the game, Torrent will help you reach far away areas of the map at a great speed. Of course, if you prefer, you can walk around, but this is better to explore in detail.

It also can help you overcome any obstacle in your path and fight against enemies, especially when you encounter a huge delegation of foes or a lethal boss. Just be careful when you mount Torrent because falling from your horse may mean dying instantly.


Approach to Sites of Grace

Sites of Grace are the equivalent of Bonfire in Dark Souls. In these places, you can save your game, level up your character, memorize spells, balance the number of flasks, and much more. Following the route of grace – which is indicated with the gold lines or Guidance of Grace – leads you to the next objective. This way, you’ll focus just on the main storyline. Of course, you’ll miss a lot of content – which could be a mistake – but you won’t be stuck and face the most dangerous challenges directly.


Where Do I Get Elden Ring at a Cheap Price?

When going to a physical store, you’ll discover that Elden Ring is still at a fairly high price. To be honest, we believe the best alternative is to go to a reliable online store, which can offer you various options at different prices.

Of course, there are dozens of online stores. It’s up to you to decide which is the best alternative. For instance, RoyalCDKeys is an online store with CD keys that can boast numerous positive reviews. Besides, you won’t have to pay a fortune to acquire it, as their prices are more affordable than on other similar sites. Feel free to grab yourself an Xbox or PC CD Key of Elden Ring and check out if it’s that hard.

We know that Elden Ring published by Bandai Namco Entertainment may be a bit overwhelming and frustrating. Similar to its predecessors, this Souls game is tough as hell if you’re not skilled enough or you don’t exactly know what to do. Still, the insurmountable difficulty is part of the past.

Its system allows you to scale quickly regarding stats and gear and gives you several options to advance through the adventure. Enemies will drop a lot of resources, weapons, and runes, which you can use to boost your stats.

Beat powerful enemies to level up quickly and be capable of wielding strong weapons. This may sound familiar, but it’s the classic grind of Souls games. Just be patient. You’ll notice that Elden Ring is easier in this way.

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