How Many Forex Traders are There in the World?

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Not only is the forex market one of the most lucrative financial entities in the world, but it’s also an incredibly vast and widely traded marketplace.

This is borne out by the basic numbers, with an estimated $6.6 traded globally every single day. This number has increased incrementally from $5.1 trillion since 2014, while it has the potential to grow further in the near and medium term.

But how many individual forex traders are there in the world? We’ll explore this further below while seeing which countries are home to the largest number of investors.


How Many Forex Traders are There in the World?

There’s no doubt that rising trading volumes can be largely attributed to technological advancement in foreign exchange, which has made brokerage platforms and forex trading as a whole more accessible to part-time investors.

Similarly, innovation has had a direct impact on the number of active forex traders in the world, with an estimated 9.6 million people currently executing currency orders and exchanges online. 

This is within a global population of 7.6 billion, meaning that approximately one in every 781 people currently trades forex regularly online.

Of course, the rate of penetration is even more pronounced when you consider the number of global Internet users, which is estimated at 3.8 billion (or roughly 50% of the world’s cumulative population).

So, one in every 396 Internet users is an online forex trader, with this statistic providing far more accurate insight into the size of the marketplace and its popularity amongst adults with the capacity to invest.


Where are the Majority of Forex Traders Based?

Although the forex industry is global in its nature, there’s no doubt that some regions are home to a larger number of traders than others.

Historically, the UK and US have remained the largest forex trading centers in the world in terms of activity, and this trend is persisting for the time being. However, more contemporary reports have discovered that one-third of online traders are actually based in Asia and the Middle East, which is over a million more than can be found in Europe and the states.

To put this into context, there are an estimated 16.796 million forex traders in the US, from a total population of 323 million. In China, there are 16.44 million traders within a far larger population of 1.37 billion, with this number having increased markedly during the last decade.

Currently, just 1.2% of the Chinese population trades forex online, so there’s also scope for this practice to increase and become more popular over time.

It has also been noted that Japan is closing the gap in the UK in terms of its active trader base. More specifically, 10% of the Japanese population (12.7 million) are thought to trade currency online, with the corresponding number in the UK 12.3% (8.07 million).

This reflects the ongoing shift in terms of global forex trading demographics, and the market’s traditional powerhouses lose ground to their emerging rivals. 

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