How Many Levels are There in CS:GO?

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Every day thousands of players play CS:GO for enjoying and having fun with shooting matches. In order to make the experience more enjoyable and unite similar teammates for giving them equal opponents, the in-game ranking system had been introduced. This in-game ranking system present in the game does the work really well as it divides up the players in eighteen competitive ranks.

The ranks provide the players with the motivation to invest more time and play the game. If you have an idea about the ranking system then you will know where you have put in all your efforts in different stages of the game as it progresses and also what are the prospects awaiting you in future.


An Introduction to Counter Strike Global Offensive Ranks

When you start with the game, you do not have a rank. CS:GO might appear like a simple game where you run and then shoot the opponents. However, it is quite deep and complicated. Beginners should follow CS:GO update blog to find out about tips, features, shooting methods, weapons, team strategies, maps, and various other aspects of the game which might be hidden when you log in for the first time.

You will be able to work on your playing skills if you practice well and know about the rankings. However, you have to take small steps in this direction for securing your first rank and playing the game officially. If you do not have the preparation, you are going to ruin your CS:GO from the very beginning.

The lowest rank in Counter Strike Global Offensive is Silver I. while on the other hand, the highest rank in the game is the Global Elite. This is reserved for the best players in the game. You will notice that the largest rank clusters of this game are Gold and Silver. This means that you have to be talented in order to reach the higher ranks like Legendary Eagle and Master Guardian.


Tips to Get Ranked in Counter Strike Global Offensive

In order to earn a rank in this game, you will have to reach level 2. This can be achieved by playing any game mode you want such as Demolition, Deathmatch, Casual, or Arms Race. You then have to win 10 matches for getting ranked. When you do not have any ranking, you are going to be thrown into the game with a varying skill set. This can be quite intimidating. However, the game has to figure out which rank you actually belong to.

In spite of winning all the 10 matches in the initial stage without slipping, the highest rank that you will be able to achieve is Legendary Eagle Master. Also, you have to keep in mind that you will be able to win only 2 games in one day. When you are done with the first 10 matches, you will get your ranking in the game. You will notice it when you view the scoreboard, the right of the username.


Meaning of CS:GO Ranks

To figure about what 18 of those rankings means when it comes to skill can be quite tricky. One of the busiest tiers in the ranking is the Gold Nova. Average players are put in Gold Nova II. However, you cannot expect to be near this in case you are first to these ranks. New players might end up in silver ranks which are for new players who only have a basic understanding of the maps, games, economy, and weapons.

Novas come next in the CS:GO tier of ranking. They vary in skill but usually have a fundamental understanding of the advanced components of CS:GO such as spray and recoil pattern along with the flash-bang and smoke spots. It is because of such a high number of players in Nova, it serves as the proving ground for all CS:GO players. It holds back players who have proper aim but no sense for the Meta of the game.

The next in the tier is the Master Guardian. This is generally for the players who have a complete understanding of the game and its several gameplay and tactical nuances. If you rank higher than this like Supreme Master First Class, it will be about honing the skill to perfection.


Ranking in Counter Strike Global Offensive

Honing skills and repeatedly earning MVP status is going to play a significant role in your journey to rank higher in CS:GO. This is mainly because wins matter above everything else when it comes to the matchmaking system of CS:GO. This is based on the ranking system of chess. Obviously, 1v1 ranking in chess doesn’t work with the 5v5 shooter. Thus, it has a high impact on the win and loss ratio of the players.

A basic factor of the ranking system is whether your team should, on the basis if the collective match matching in comparison to your opponent win or even lose the match. If you are playing against a team that has higher MMR and wins, the value of your numerical is going to increase more than what would have increased when you beat the opponent.

Even though you can mitigate de-ranks to some extent by maintaining your K/D ratio, the fastest and best way to climb up the ranking scale in Counter Strike Global Offensive is to win the game. If you have to rank higher, it is necessary to be a part of a squad that has skilled and like-minded players. They need to share your desire to climb up the ranking list. This means you should always avoid griefers and trolls that are always positive.

The ranking system has a practical use but it is filled with emotion, too. It provides players with an added reason to celebrate their progress in this game. As a matter of fact, it enhances their engagement in the game. Rank is one of the aspects which makes the game different than the other multiplayer games that are available.

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