How MGM Uses Technology To Get Back To Normal

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MGM Resorts

MGM Resorts is among the few casino establishments that are gearing up for a successful year after the Covid-19 pandemic. This Las Vegas based casino operator is already seeking authorization to access Covid-19 vaccination records for some of its guests.

In a recent statement from the casino management, it has been revealed that MGM is planning to go bigger with the ‘Convene with Confidence Program’. This is a plan structured around health and safety protocols and will enable the casino to go back to normal operations as fast as possible.

The casino has already acquired a mobile betting app that uses biometric data to analyze the health insights of an individual. This will be done by accessing previous temperature records of a casino attendee, their Covid-19 test results over the entire pandemic period and vaccination records that will soon be available with current rollouts.

Speaking at a news release recently, the CEO and President of MGM, Bill Hornbuckle expressed confidence in the company’s ability to utilize the new program to bring back in-person meet-ups and interactions at their casinos. Hornbuckle sees this technology approach as the best way for the management and clients to enjoy peace of mind as they move forward.

Having been launched in September 2020, the management is confident that the ‘Convene with Confidence Program’ will be scaled up at this time when talks about successful vaccinations are going on. To ensure that no one gets locked out of MGM properties during meetings, the casino is encouraging meeting planners to facilitate rapid Covid-19 tests on site.

Previously, the instant kit which takes an average of 20 minutes to give a report on a Covid-19 sample was used as a pilot project. That has since changed and establishments like MGM that host a lot of people at once can administer the test for almost all attendees.

One of the most anticipated outcomes of this program is the reintroduction of conventions and meetings that were before the pandemic hosted at the casino premises. The success of the program has been pegged on technology. Before users can enter any of the casino properties, they will be subjected to a rigorous health screening procedure.

Resumption of 24 hours casino operations for MGM

As the entertainment market gradually opens up after Covid-19, casinos are hopeful that their regular 24 hours operations cycles will resume. For Mandalay Bay, Park MGM, and The Mirage resorts, this resumption has been slotted for the second quarter of 2021.

The new plans have been as a result of travel interest to Las Vegas which business surveillance has been able to pick up. For the past few months, the casino survived by having select closure periods during the course of the week to mitigate decreased business volumes occasioned by Covid-19.

Hornbuckle is optimistic that the resumption of travel interest is a direct response to vaccination and a decrease in the rate of Covid-19 infections is a good sign that business will soon go back to normal. The move to bring back the full 24/7 operation at Mandalay Bay, Park MGM, and The Mirage which will run the entire week is a big step for the casino as a whole.

While Las Vegas is in the lead as far as recovery efforts are concerned, the management of MGM is hopeful that their technical support will soon facilitate a comeback in other markets such as the vibrant New Jersey. With a keen commitment to following state regulations on business operations and social distancing protocols, MGM has announced its plans to have live shows for in-house entertainment by April 2021.

Health and safety plan

To resume normal operations, MGM Resorts will embark on a “Seven-Point Safety Plan” that will allow the casino to run but also mitigate the spread of Covid-19 within its premises. The plan has been formulated in conjunction with medical experts in multi-layered in nature. This is however just the beginning because MGM Resorts is keen on keeping its employees and customers safe.

The current protocol procedures involve the following;

  •       Screening of employees through temperature monitoring and Covid-19 focused awareness training
  •       Testing of employees for Covid-19 during their return while partnering with the local community on the same
  •       Enforcing the mask-wearing rule for all guests and employees of the casino. Free masks will be available to issue to guests if and when they are needed.
  •       Strict observation of social distancing protocols; floors have been marked to remind everyone of this requirement
  •       The casino acknowledges that there are areas where social distancing will not be practical; installation of plexiglass barriers, as well as observation of other safety measures, will cater to this challenge
  •       MGM Resorts has designed unique and branded hand washing stations; these standalone wash points have been strategically located throughout the casino floor.
  •       Checking in to the casino will be done through the MGM Resorts App. This system is contactless and allows check-in through personal gadgets to minimize social interactions.
  •       The resort guest rooms will be cleaned as usual but the attendants will have to be in face masks and gloves; this protective gear will be changed a room has been completely cleaned
  •       Apart from the fact that guest rooms will be cleaned thoroughly and regularly, common areas too will be sanitized often to kill possible virus droplets; electrostatic sprayers will be used as casino halls are large open spaces and no other system will work
  •       The casino will offer digital menus for customers who would like service from the restaurant and bar outlets; the menus will be availed via QR codes that customers will need to scan with their mobile phones.      
  •       The MGM Resort casino has planned for an automatic queuing system that requires guests to sit down and wait their turn; customers will be served upon receiving a notification when their service is ready

Casinos cater to large groups of people at the same time. MGM is leveraging technology to not only ensure that they serve all their guests but also to simplify work for their staff.

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