How Much Does It Cost To Create a Social Media App?

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Social media platforms have become super popular during the last few years. The number of users has doubled if not triplicated from 2011 to 2018. This means that today people can’t imagine their lives without being online and staying in touch with friends. All this makes social media market a lucrative venture for entrepreneurs regardless it’s a large company with billions of funds or a green startup project thriving to take its place in the sun. So developing your own custom social media app might be an excellent idea. However, you have to pay attention to the main features that every social media app has. Your development budget will depend on the complexity and number of features you decide to implement. It also matters whether you want to create a social media app for just one operating system such as iOS or Android or prefer your app to be compatible with both platforms.

Generally, social media app has the following features:

  • Profiles
  • Notifications
  • Several modes of communication
  • Simple navigation
  • Sharing feature
  • Search
  • News feed

Profiles is the fundamental feature for every social media. Users create their personal accounts, post details about them, and add profile photos just to let the world and other users see them and before to make it easiest to find them for friends, or to be able to join group chats, etc.

Another key feature is a communication tool. You have to understand that without this feature your app can’t be called a social media app. Direct messaging is a basic type, although modern apps have also video and audio calls, and the option to record voice notes. Apart from the mentioned modes of communication, you can let users attach audio and video files to their messages.

The sharing feature allows users to share photos and videos with their contacts. This feature is also a must-have for a social media app. Adding such details as geotags, editing tools, and other useful features, to make posting and sharing content even more fun, will attract more users to your app.

All posted photos and text posts users of social media services can see on their news feed. Enabling this feature will let your users be posted about news from their friends and contacts. It is also a good way for users to find new interests and befriend new people.

The search feature allows users to specifically look for a certain event, person, place, or topic within your app. Adding more specific filters to the search feature will make this process easier for users.

Enabling notifications will help you to increase user retention as they will receive messages about updates from your app and most likely they would like to learn more about someone’s new post or receives a comment or like. This way users will use your app more often.

However, you must also pay close attention to the design of your app. Simple navigation with a trendy user interface will make your app successful. When it comes to app designing you should thoroughly think about the logo, trademark colors, and user experience. As we’re talking about a mobile app development than creating navigation suited for single-hand manipulation is more preferable.

By implementing these features your app would be able to compete with other popular social media apps such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo. There can be also additional, more advanced features, but we recommend adding them after your MVP received positive feedback from your first users.


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