How Multiplayer Gaming Can Improve Your Fitness

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Computer games might not be something that you would usually link to fitness but actually, research shows that we’re not giving them enough credit. In the past, many have assumed that computer games lead to sedentary behavior and encourage us to spend more time sitting down than we should. However, Betway Insider recently carried out research with 17 gamers and discovered that gaming could be much better for our fitness than we realized.

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Getting Fit by Playing Computer Games

If you’re on a journey to work out more and be fitter, then playing Fortnite with a cronus zen probably isn’t high on your to-do list. However, with recent research showing that computer games could help us burn calories, it isn’t something that you should dismiss too quickly. If you’re into extreme fitness, then you might want to do a few hundred squats a day. You could ditch that and enjoy 90 minutes Fortnight instead – which burns the same number of calories as 353 squats. Perhaps in an ideal world, someone’s fitness journey would include a range of exercise activities but knowing that your favorite computer games could help is a great motivation.

  • Fortnite – 194 Calories
  • Fifa – 189 Calories
  • Call of Duty – 188 Calories
  • Apex Legends – 180 Calories
  • Elden Ring – 177 Calories
  • Minecraft – 172 Calories
  • Grand Theft Auto – 164 Calories


Playing Multiplayer Games

These games are all great when enjoyed alone, but the experience can be enhanced by playing online with friends. Online gaming is proving extremely popular with people enjoying large, organized gaming sessions. One of the biggest barriers for most people on their journey to improving their fitness is motivation – we quickly get bored & want to do something else instead. Playing multiplayer games means that we’re committed to a time and date playing with a friend means flaking is less likely to happen. Not only that but playing computer games doesn’t feel like a workout in the same way that going to a fitness class or working out with a personal trainer does. Instead, it’s much more fun and creative – which means we do it because we like it and the calories it burns are just an added bonus.


Great for Our Mental Health

Although fitness generally means our physical health, looking after our minds is super important too. We live busy, fast-paced, and often stressful lives where we simply do not make enough time for ourselves to relax and unwind. Enjoying multiplayer games gives you the opportunity to catch up with friends online whilst switching off from the rest of the world – which is great for releasing happy hormones and helping us to feel good. Looking after our fitness & health works best when we consider both physical and mental health. With the calories that computer games can burn, the buzz we get when playing with friends and the relaxation gaming can force us to do there is no denying that gaming can improve your fitness and if you enjoy this with friends then the experience is even better, so perhaps more of us should be doing it!

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